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A craft company

and family

SAVON SANTE is an artisanal family business based on the Ile de la REUNION in Saint-André.

Following skin problems, Pascaline and Johny embark on the creation of a soap.

With this desire to design body care differently, more in harmony with nature, it is the birth of "SAVON SANTE" .


All our soaps and cosmetics are made from ENDEMIC and MEDICINAL PLANTS from REUNION and (neighboring islands)  recognized by the French pharmacopoeia.

Like many islands  neighbors such as  Madagascar ,  Réunion , recognized for the diversity of its landscapes, has a high rate of endemism , especially vegetal. The  biodiversity  is very rich in the natural environment.




We use the traditional cold saponification process. This process avoids heating the oils and butters that we select. These then retain all their virtues.

The  cold saponification  in an artisanal soap factory makes it possible to make the softest soaps for the skin.


Why are these cold soaps softer than industrial, Marseille or even Aleppo soaps?


There are several reasons for this: First, the manufacturing process whereby all the vegetable glycerin is naturally stored in the soap. It is in part this glycerin that will both soften and hydrate your skin. This is why our cold soap is also indicated as  face soap 



We only work with certified oils and butters. We have made the choice not to use palm oil.

  We only use carefully selected natural products. The essential oils we use are also certified.


Our soaps do not contain any additives such as parabens, EDTA, silicone or other LSS, SDS or SLS, They are not tested on animals (in accordance with the legislation).

We have also made the choice not to add fragrances (perfumes) which mostly contain the CMR of the  Phthalate or various allergens, harmful to our health and the aquatic environment.





We work in compliance with Good Cosmetic Manufacturing Practices (BPF standard ISO 22716). Each of our recipes is deposited on the European portal CPNP (Cosmetics Products Notification Portal). Our establishment is declared to the ANSM (National Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Health Products).

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